One Little Word for 2016

in , by Stephanie, January 04, 2016

Have you chosen your one little word for 2016? 

I was first introduced to this idea last summer as part of a virtual study group on digital literacy. Each of us chose one word or phrases to represent our professional intentions for the coming school year. As we begin a new calendar year, many are once again choosing one little word to drive their work, both personally and professionally. I am no exception. I find that choosing a word, and representing it graphically, helps me to think about my goals and plans for the new year, calendar or school year, and reminds me of my each time I glance at my computer.

So, here is my one little word for 2016: matter. 
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Not the kind of matter that we learned about in science class. Not the noun, but the verb. Oxford Dictionaries defines matter as: be of importance; have significance.  That is my one little word. Matter. I want to ensure that everything I do matters to someone. Whether in my personal life with my family or in my professional life with the teachers and students I work with, I want my interactions with them to matter. To be of importance and be significant to them. 

Even more importantly, I want my life to reflect what actually matters to me. Too often, we find ourselves consumed with tasks and activities that take up our time, but do not truly matter to us. If I were to take a step back and truly look at my life and how I live, would an outsider be able to articulate what really matters to me? Do my inner ideas of what matters actually match my actions? Sometimes I am not so sure, which is why I have chosen ‘matter’ as my one little word for 2016. 

As we all return to work and school today, I urge you think about what matters most to you and then ensure that part of your daily activities actually reflect that intention, Make sure the people that matter most to you actually know that they do. 

Matter. How you will matter to someone today?

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  1. I love your word: matter. I'm thinking you do so many things that matter as we learn together virtually. I look forward to following your journey.



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