Education within the 21st century requires that we continually reimagine our definition of literacy and literacy instruction in the classroom. Our conceptualization of literacy is ever evolving and includes attention to new, digital, and multimodal literacies and acknowledges that these literacies change our habits as readers. Teachers now have a responsibility to use text, technology, and media critically and strategically for reading, composing, and learning with their students. This means that we not only have to teach students the tools of technology to enhance their learning, but we also need to teach them how to do so safely, respectfully, and responsibility by teaching students what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

This year, I was awarded a grant with a team of other faculty to explore how we can teach teachers about digital citizenship in their graduate literacy programs through a self-paced digital badging program so teachers could then share their learning with students. Teachers explore curriculum, engaging lessons, connect with professional organizations and create multi-modal resources for the classroom. As I gear up for our pilot this Spring, I wanted to share some of the resources we have created and curated in hopes that they help you with your journey to build a digital citizenship curriculum in your own school.

We have created an ‘Educator’s Corner’ to provide resources on digital badging and digital citizenship for interested educators and to collaborate with interested schools and classrooms as we continue our work. I invite you to visit the website and check back often as we continue to add helpful articles and instructional resources.

In addition, we are hosting a K-12 Digital Badging and Digital Citizenship Conference for interested educators on August 25th in Saratoga Springs. Interested? Sign up on the website for additional information as we near the conference date.

Do you have any ideas and resources to share? Please do so and we will add it to our website for others to benefit from as well. Interested in presenting at the conference to share your own work? We would love to collaborate!

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