Have You Tried Sketchnoting?

in , , by Stephanie, January 16, 2017

Have you tried sketchnoting yet? Sketchnoting is a combination of text and images, each structured in a particular way to represent meaning for the sketcher. Chances are, you have doodled at some point in your life. You might think of sketchnoting as productive doodling: taking notes in a way that is personalized, appeals to both sides of your brain and quite frankly, is just plain fun. I use it in my professional development sessions to jumpstart conversations in book clubs and to model how and why we might use sketchnoting with our students.  

Recently, a group of literacy coaches and I met to discuss the book, DIY Literacy. Rather than simply talk about the book, we first ‘sketchnoted’ the ideas that were most important to use on a table graffiti board, which was simply a large piece paper taped to the table. Coaches sketched their main take-aways from the book using text, images and color, very reminiscent of the principles in DIY Literacy. As we shared our big ideas and walked around the tables to see the ideas of others, we were struck by the different choices we made as we sketched and how those choices impacted the message, each personal to our own learning: the colors we chose, the font we used, the order of our text and images and more. We very quickly made the connection to authors craft and the how the choices that authors make impact the reader, a lesson very applicable to the classroom. 

Two of the coaches planned to immediately use sketchnoting in their upcoming professional development sessions and experienced great success. Sketchnoting increases engagement, productive conversation and comprehension of concepts. It gets everyone involved and gets our creative juices flowing. 

Interested? I created this Padlet of Sketchnoting resources for those who would like to give it a try as a literacy coach or as a classroom teacher. If you have more to add, please send them my way and I will add them to the Padlet. 

Happy Sketchnoting!

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  1. I have some sketchnoting info/resources if you would like to add them! I wrote an article for OJELA on it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwh7y1_Ut9cAbnRUSXVoVWl1Sm5wcnUxY291Qy1RbnFBeHNv/view?usp=sharing

  2. I would love to add it, Heidi. Thank you! Updated!


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