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in , , by Stephanie, December 31, 2017
Thanks to everyone for their interest in using QR Codes to help make reading come alive for our students who need a bit more interaction with the books they read! I have started a Google Folder to compile the sets of QR codes that Ihave created and that hopefully, others will share as well! You will find a ‘START HERE’ page that links you to my original blog post about using QR Codes in reading and then a file for each book that I have curated multimedia resources for at this point:

I Survived the Joplin Tornado, 2011
What Was Ellis Island?
The Watsons Go To Birmingham

As you will see, these are not yet complete. I do not own these books, so I used Google Books to get started over the break and will head to the library once we return to continue the work. If you have resources that you know would work, please share them and I will add them in.

Here is where I need some help: Right now, these are VERY basic templates that I know could be jazzed up a bit. Any ideas for making them more engaging to students or even using Google Slides instead of Docs?

Please join me! I would love to see this teacher-created resource grow and expand to benefit as many students as possible. You might start by curating a set of resources for the next book you plan to read aloud to your class. If you are reading ‘Raymie Nightengale’, you might find a clip of baton twirling to share. If you are reading ‘The Wishtree’, you might find an image of an actual wish tree to share. The possibilities are endless! Gearing up for a new read aloud? Send me the title!

In the START HERE document, you will find a Google Form where you can submit ideas and your own set of QR Codes to add to this public folder to share with other teachers.

Let’s get started!
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