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in , , by Stephanie, January 16, 2018
A few weeks ago, I blogged about an idea I discovered by @kimberlygmoran during a #TeachWrite chat, a Twitter chat for teacher-writers: the daily sentence calendar. This little idea has been a game-changer for me and I cannot help but think about how it might be a game-changer for students as well.

My 2018 Sentence Journal
The idea behind the daily sentence journal is simple: All it takes is one sentence a day to build a writing habit. My daily sentence journal is actually a calendar with just enough room to write a sentence (or two!) each day. While it took a few days to build it into my daily routine, it is now something that I carry with me and look forward to. Some days, I write in the morning with my hopes for the new day. Sometimes I write in the evening with a note of gratitude or a promise to do better tomorrow. Regardless of what I write, the act of consistently putting pen to paper moves me forward. If you have not yet tried it, consider purchasing a small calendar and get started! If you know a writer in your life (or a writer-to-be) that might love this, share the idea and writing inspiration.

Why not share the idea with your students? Cultivate the sentence-a-day habit by giving students time to write one sentence a day of their choosing. You might add a small calendar to your yearly school supply list or print out a weekly calendar template like this one, this one, this one or even this one! I imagine there is some creative educator reading this right now who could come up with a beautiful template with prompts to think about on the side. Anyone want to collaborate on one together?

If we take just a few minutes a day to reflect, to plan, to wonder and to write just one sentence, we can cultivate the love of real, purposeful writing within our students, as well as ourselves. Join me!
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  1. Reminds me of the sticky note challenge last winter (or the winter before?). A little bit can make a change! I should do this too!

  2. I love this idea--and I'm in the library, not the classroom, so I am going to share it with my teachers! You've also got me thinking of a way to use some blank sketchbooks I found while cleaning up this winter break. Maybe I can do a sentence AND some related art each day! Hmmmm....

  3. So cool. I'm experimenting with a bullet journal this year. I will integrate a sentence a day into my bullet journal. Thanks, Stephanie.

  4. This is so cool. Simple. Low stress. Easy goal, but so powerful. Mark


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