He Who Hesitates....Loses.

in , , , by Stephanie, January 04, 2018
My husband has this wonderfully frustrating saying that he uses often: He who hesitates, loses. Did you hesitate to take out the garbage and miss the pick-up? He who hesitates, loses. Did you want the last slice of cake, but waited too long and someone else ate it? He who hesitates, loses. Did you have an idea that would have changed the world, but you hesitated and now someone else shared it first? He who hesitates, loses.

My one little word (ok, one little phrase) for 2018 is: Start somewhere. This is the year that I will not be overwhelmed by grand goals that seem difficult to reach or will not back down from a goal simply because I am too afraid to try. No, this year, I will start somewhere and see where the journey takes me, rather than overthinking the end result.

This morning, I realized just how important those words are. I have been sitting on a few ideas for a few years (yes, I said years). I talk about them, write about them in my private notebooks and dream what they might become. But, I have not done anything concrete (and public)  that will move me closer to them. As I opened my email and browsed my favorite blog posts, I stopped. One fantastic post was about one of the ideas that I had currently written in my ‘Start Somewhere’ notebook (more about that in a previous post). He who hesitates…..loses.

Normally, this would frustrate me and I would moan and groan for the day how someone else has my great idea, but today, I realized that I was the one who did not act. I did not start somewhere, so my ideas did not go anywhere. It was a powerful lesson at 6am in the morning. Start somewhere.

So, I am. I am writing this blog post to encourage readers to not just write those lovely ideas down as a reminder to reach them, but to actually start somewhere and do something about those dreams and ideas. Ignore the self-doubt. Ignore the haunting ‘what if’ statements and simply start somewhere. What is we shared our ideas and dreams with the world to lift up our ideas and hold ourselves more accountable? What if we owned those ideas and pledged to move closer to them? We can only imagine what could be until we actually have a go and give something a try, trusting that the journey is just as important as the destination.

So, readers, what dreams and ideas do you have that you have secretly jotted down, but might now share with the world? Comment and share your ideas so we can name them, own them and go after them. Sharing our writing with the world gives us confidence, a sense of professional power and a tribe of teachers just waiting to support us. As for me? I am moving forward with two projects that have just been waiting for me to take action: A project around teachers’ reading lives and a project around virtual literacy coaching. I’ll share more in a future post. What’s yours? Start somewhere and share your beautiful ideas here!
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  1. Congratulations on owning it and moving forward, Stephanie. Have you read BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert? She talks about this exact thing. Wishing you a 2018 of meeting all your goals -- both large and small. Keep moving forward!

  2. Certainly, this was a meaningful post for me to read!


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