The Importance of a Morning Routine

in , , by Stephanie, September 23, 2019
I love early mornings. I get up before 5 am each day to start the day off right and ahead of schedule. I exercise, enjoy a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, make my kids’ lunches, check email and log into my online courses all before hopping into the shower. I love how accomplished I feel first thing, a feeling that inspires the rest of my day. So when I started reading about morning routines and how important they were to personal and professional growth, I was pretty confident that I had already nailed this aspect of my daily routine. Boy, was I wrong. I was using my morning routine to get an early start to my day and a head start on my to-do list, but I learned this was NOT the purpose of an intentional morning routine. No, not at all. The purpose of a morning routine is to fuel your mind and spirit to truly embrace the day ahead and live it to the fullest, not check of as many items as you can on your to-do list. This was a huge shift in thinking for me and I read everything I could so that I could truly understand the why behind these new practices and could embrace them rather than meditate for five minutes each morning thinking about what I could be getting done instead. =) It turns out, there is a lot of science behind creating a personalized morning routine that fuels your body, mind and heart. Rituals that help you set your intention, take care of your body and mind and slow down your thinking so you can better respond to the events of the day. So now, my morning routine looks a bit different. I still get up before 5 am, but now, I try to focus on me and me alone. I exercise, eat breakfast and journal my daily intentions and gratitude. Rather than answer emails and check into my online courses, I write. I know my mind is at its best in the morning, so why not capitalize on that clarity to do what matters most to me and save the rest for later? I still make my kids’ lunches, but I think about how awesome they are as I do, helping me better connect with them, even if they do not know it. I’ll admit….this is a hard shift and I have to force myself to stick with it each and every day. But it works and I feel a difference when I do. So, I thought I would share this with all of you so we could talk about our morning routines and what we might do to indulge our own bodies and minds rather than simply getting a head start on the day. You might find these links helpful to start your exploration: Rachel Hollis: My Morning Routine The Every Girl: Ten Ways to Become a Morning Person (and not feel miserable!) Mel Robbins: The Million Dollar Morning Routine How might you reimagine your morning routine? Share in the comments below! #SeptemberWeek4
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