Cultivating Gratitude

by Stephanie, November 25, 2019

I’ve written about my morning routine in an earlier post, but the timing is right to lift out one particular part of it that has helped me make a shift in my mindset every day: gratitude. I’ve always tried to be grateful for what I have: my family, my children, my health, work I love and more. But I have learned that true gratitude lives in the little things: noticing the beautiful leaves changing color in New York, the smell of a great cup of coffee, stolen moments singing in the car with my daughter. My daily gratitude practice inspired by Rachel Hollis has literally changed the way I face the day for the better and has slowly helped me appreciate the little things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Each day, I list five things I am grateful for from the day before. These five things are small things: moments, events, observations, connections and more that make me stop and ‘smell the roses’, so to speak. They may come from my personal life or my professional life, but they make me focus more explicitly throughout the day on what I might write about the next day. In short, the journal helps me seek gratitude and find it in my day. It is a gift.

Given this is Thanksgiving week here in the United States, I’ll keep this post short and sweet so we can focus on giving thanks and being grateful for what we have. I am incredibly grateful to this group for giving me a space to share my thinking and coaching and hope you have a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, rest and relaxation. Please share what you are grateful for in the comments so we can cultivate gratitude within our community!

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