Importance of Coaching Conversations

by Stephanie, November 11, 2019

One of the challenges of coaching conversations is ensuring they are interactive and put the teacher in charge of the conversation, not the coach. Coaching is a partnership where teachers and coaches learn from each other and from the students in front of them. Therefore, our coaching conversations must be spirited, interactive and shared. I rely on a few conversation starters to spark interactive conversation:
  • What you think about the lesson? What went well? What didn’t seem quite right?
  • How do you feel the students responded? What evidence do we have for their learning?
  • What do we need to do next to further student learning? What are they ready to know next? What lessons, materials and coaching might we plan for?
  • What did we learn about literacy teaching from our partnership?
While it may seem odd to plan so carefully for something as natural as a conversation, doing so will ensure a successful virtual conversation and strengthen coaching partnerships. I’ve been reading more on the topic and have some resources to share if you are working on this as well:

What are your favorite coaching prompts and conversation starters for coaching cycles? Share your thinking below or join our Facebook Community to connect with other instructional coaches!

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