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by Stephanie, January 20, 2020

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you already know I love all things notebooking. I’ve had a special love of notebooks ever since I was a little girl and I am still entranced by them as an adult. I’m like a kid in a candy store standing in the notebook aisle of my local craft store today. I know many of you can relate. =)

I started 2020 with an amazing group of notebooking educators spearheaded by Michelle Hasteline, one of the most voracious notebookers I know. We developed an instant connection online over our shared love of blank notebook pages (no lines, please!) and I’ve been inspired by her work ever since, especially her new Facebook group called#100DaysofNotebooking. You can learn more about the group on her blog and I hope you’ll consider joining to become inspired to write in your own notebook(s) with regularity in the new year.

Michelle urges fellow notebookers to simply show up to the page each and every day and see where it takes you. And if you’re comfortable, you can share your pages with the group to take your commitment to your notebook public and become inspired by the writing of others.

Now, there is no single right way to start notebooking. I have multiple notebooks that I write in throughout the week depending on my location, my purpose and even my mood. So, I thought I would gather together a listing of the many different kinds of notebooks available so you can become inspired to start the practice for yourself in whatever shape or form suits you best.

A Writer’s Notebook: Inspired by Ralph Fletcher, this notebook is a treasured space for capturing your life through writing. There are no rules or templates to follow, just inviting pages to fill with the events of your life.

The Start Today Journal: A notebook to start the day with gratitude and big, audacious goals from Rachel Hollis.

A Gratitude Journal: Take a lesson from Oprah and create a gratitude journal to capture five things you are grateful for each and every day.

The 5 Second Journal: A powerful way to start your morning created by Mel Robbins, who uses the 5 second rule to spark positive change in our lives.

The High-Performance Planner: A daily productivity planner with small spaces for notebooking related to the events of the day.

One Little Thing: This is my newest notebook that challenges me to think of one little thing from my day that helped me align my daily actions with my intention of what matters most.

My Sketchnote Book for Coaches: This notebook houses my treasured collection of ideas, tools and resources for instructional coaching and planning learning experiences for teachers. Written in sketchnote form, it brings a bit of joy and creativity to my work.

There is no single right way to start notebooking. Just turn to a clean page, start moving your writing utensil (I love a good gel pen!) and see where it takes you!

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