From COVID-19 to a New Community

by Stephanie, June 08, 2020

I have to admit….I am so excited to share this post with you! I’ve had this project on my mind for quite some time now and it’s finally ready to share!

As the world changed as a result of COVID-19 and coaches launched themselves into a new world of coaching and leading online, I realized just how important connection, community and collaboration was to our work. Sure, there were thousands of helpful links shared on social media to support remote teaching, learning and coaching, but it was overwhelming and often, confusing. Educators didn’t need more resources to wade through, we needed a way to make sense of them all.

So, over the past weeks, I’ve hosted individual coaching calls with teachers and coaches, facilitated virtual think tanks, led online professional learning sessions and connected with educators on social media outlets. I collaborated with other coaches online and furiously tried to share my own efforts, as well as the commendable ideas from others. Armed with my Sharpie markers and gleaming white notebook pages, I deepened my own understandings about coaching and filled the pages of my coaching sketchnote book with new ideas, coaching tools and even virtual coaching toolkits to make sense of it all.

And I’d like to keep that going.

So, I’ve carved out a little corner of the virtual world just for us: a virtual coaching community for literacy coaches and leaders who want to connect, collaborate and innovate their practices through sketchnoting and notebooking. Believe me, it can change everything.

But first, what’s a coaching sketchnote book? A coaching sketchnote book is a collection of sketchnotes (ideas about coaching) and sketchtivities (activities for coaching) that illustrate coaching pedagogy, ideas, tools and resources to empower teacher learning. Just as athletic coaches create playbooks to house and organize plays for their athletes, instructional coaches can create sketchnote books to capture and curate their ideas to best support teacher learning….and enjoy a bit of creativity and design along the way. But there’s more! A coaching sketchnote book not only curates coaching ideas, it transforms the way we think about our coaching roles through intentional reflection, revision and professional goal-setting. Here's a glimpse of mine:

My notebook has completely changed the way I design learning experiences for teachers and I know it can do the same for you. So, I finally brought my dream to a reality and created a virtual course and community to introduce coaches to the power of sketchnoting and notebooking. Here’s how:

First, I created an interactive course to create your own coaching sketchnote book and launch you into deeper learning around coaching pedagogy and practice. You’ll learn about the power of the coaching notebook, harness colorful markers to create sketchnotes (ideas for coaching) and sketchtivities (activities and tools for coaching) and reflect on your coaching practices. You’ll gain step-by-step directions for creating and designing your own unique sketchnote book to reflect your coaching context, the teachers and students you work with, the skills and dispositions you hope to cultivate and the instructional pedagogy you hope to model.

You’ll also gain access to my personal collection of coaching tools, resources, ideas and downloads: over 75 coaching sketchnotes and sketchtivities that illustrate coaching pedagogy to empower teacher learning and set teachers’ hearts and minds on fire. Each sketchnote is paired with a thoughtful description, clear step-by-step guidance and supportive resources to use the idea in your own coaching and leading.

But here’s the best part: The Coaching Sketchnote Book and Community is updated regularly to reflect our changing work, keep our coaching fresh and exciting and connect us together. Each month, you’ll find:

  • New coaching sketchnotes and sketchtivities added to the collection of coaching tools, resources and downloads.
  • A live virtual coaching session to notebook together, explore coaching practices and deepen understandings of our coaching roles. These sessions are recorded for later on-demand viewing.
  • Community invitations on a private Facebook group to deepen coaching practice and explore pedagogy, along with challenges and fun prizes along the way.

Can you feel my excitement yet?! If you are a coach seeking a community, looking for ways to make your coaching more effective and enjoyable and happen to love sticky notes and colorful markers as much as I do, then join me! Click on the link below and head to my online community to learn more!

Take me to The Coaching Sketchnote Book Course and Community!

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