Make a Don't Do List

by Stephanie, June 01, 2020

Whew! I don’t know about you (well, actually, I think I do!), but it has been pretty busy around here! I wrapped up my Spring graduate courses, jumped into teaching classes this summer, launched a new Etsy shop with my daughter, caught up on yard work and even got in a bit of housecleaning. Each day starts with a colorful to-do list on Google Keep to keep me on track and ideally ends by happily removing them from my digital list. But you know what has been happening lately? I cannot remove all of my items from the list….I simply copy and paste them from one day to the next. Ugh.

So, this week, I am trying something radically different: a Don’t Do list. Yes, that’s right. A Don’t Do list. 

A Don’t Do list gives you permission to let go of something that brings you down, that saps the joy from your day or simply does not have to be done at that moment. It shortens your list of tasks to complete and gives you more time to actually enjoy the process of completing those that matter most. Maybe you decide that the laundry does not have to be done before you jump in the pool. Maybe you decide that all of those things you keep saying ‘yes’ to are not actually serving you well. Or maybe, there’s an aspect of your coaching that doesn’t serve teachers well anymore in this new, challenging time and can be let go of too.

So this week, I challenge you to think about your daily, weekly and even monthly routines, personal and professional, and see what you might let go of. Is it a task, a routine or even a mindset that unconsciously saps your energy? Is it an activity or practice that just doesn’t HAVE to be done or isn’t serving you well? Choose one and let it go. Find your ‘enough’ (more about finding your enough in this blog post) and end the day feeling productive and most importantly, happy.

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