I love a good coaching tool: a template, a checklist, a protocol, an app, a pile of sticky notes or anything else that supports my work as an instructional coach.

For a while, I’ve resisted ChatGPT, but realized I could be ignoring a new potential coaching tool and why would I do that?!

So, I began experimenting with ChatGPT and how it might support my coaching.

And you know what? 

It can.

Here are ten prompts I’ve tentatively explored using ChatGPT in my own coaching practices and maybe, they’ll support yours, too:
What happens when you want to offer teachers a book study experience, but you do not have the time to meet or the money to purchase books for everyone? You start a book relay!
Let’s think for a moment about our coaching language. What are the phrases you find yourself using the most as part of your coaching cycles? Maybe you use some of these:
Who knew that such a simple metaphor could yield such rich conversations and actions around solving instructional challenges? 

I am a reader. A always-have-a-book-in-my-bag-please-help-me-find-time-to-read-it kind of reader. And I savor the words, collecting them in my journal for later reflection.

I have a small Moleskine notebook that accompanies me wherever I go, just as Peak Marcello did as he climbed Mount Everest in Roland Smith’s Peak.
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