This may be the easiest and most versatile idea I have tried to engage teachers in discussion, reflection and collaboration during professional learning sessions. This incredibly simple activity requires no preparation, can be used in virtually any professional learning session, can be personalized to whatever content you are hoping to explore and is sure to spark thinking and discussion. Really. 
If you have read any of my other posts, you know how much I love sticky notes: big ones, small ones, colorful ones, plain ones, shaped notes, tall notes, short notes, every single kind of sticky note. I use them in lots of ways, but today, I’d like to share how I use sticky notes to create shared norms with a new group of educators, perfect for the beginning of the school year. It’s hands-on, colorful and gets teachers thinking in a hands-on-minds-on way. 
I cannot quite believe it, but I have been teaching at my University for over 16 years. And for all of those years, I’ve been working with teachers virtually part of our online literacy programs. I love creating online professional learning experiences, but my biggest challenge as an online instructor (and literacy coach!) has been to create a community of learners that has the same spirited feel of in-person communication.

I’ve tried all sorts of ideas and activities to come together as a community, but this one is a game-changer and I now use it to build teacher learning communities online and in person: Interactive Introductions with Google Slides.
Did you know I have a coaching secret weapon? I do. It’s my Quick Win Toolkit. And now, you can have one, too.
I love whimsy and one of the ways I bring a bit of whimsical fun to instructional coaching is by creating and happily sharing PD party favors. Wait. What?! Yes, PD party favors. Let me explain.
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