I love a good coaching tool: a template, a checklist, a protocol, an app, a pile of sticky notes or anything else that supports my work as an instructional coach.

For a while, I’ve resisted ChatGPT, but realized I could be ignoring a new potential coaching tool and why would I do that?!

So, I began experimenting with ChatGPT and how it might support my coaching.

And you know what? 

It can.

Here are ten prompts I’ve tentatively explored using ChatGPT in my own coaching practices and maybe, they’ll support yours, too:
  1. Create a Google Form to ask teachers what they prefer for professional learning.
  2. Summarize this article (insert article).
  3. List 5 literacy station ideas for (insert content).
  4. What books have been recently published on (insert topic).
  5. What are good discussion topics for a book club on (insert book).
  6. What are some fun ice-breakers for adults in the Spring?
  7. Recommend middle grade historical fiction books on (insert topic).
  8. Summarize my notes: (paste notes).
  9. Create an agenda for a professional learning session on (insert topic).
  10. Write an email reminding teachers about our upcoming literacy team meeting on (insert date).
Instructional coaching is both a science and an art and AI cannot replace our expertise inside of our work.

But, it can support, enhance and extend it and in the process, help us spend more time on our coaching and less on the ancillary tasks that take us away from it.

What do you wish ChatGPT could do for you? Let me know in the comments so I can explore it, too.

I’m hosting a workshop on this very topic, so be sure to sign up for my email list on the right side of the page for the latest updates. I’ll explore these prompts and many more and show you just what ChatGPT can do for your coaching in real time!
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  1. These are fantastic, Stephanie. I think my personal favorite is "summarize my notes." I am off to try that right now!


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