As I connect with literacy teachers and leaders across the nation, I am inspired by the work being done by Cathy Mere and Julia Johnson within their school district. As part of their professional development efforts, they created a Google+ Discussion group to support teachers trying out new digital tools for within their classrooms. While I am not part of their district, they welcomed me into their group and once there, I found an amazing group of teachers who are sharing their efforts and supporting others in the process.

My first experience with the group is to articulate my ‘One Little Word’ to represent my intentions for the year using some sort of visual or digital tool. I enjoyed browsing the projects already posted and instantly knew what my word would be. Inspired by Margaret Simon and her ‘one little word’ Tagxedo using synonyms of her chosen word, I decided to do the same. 

So, here is my one little word project:

 I chose the word ‘savor’ out of a few possibilities. Lately, life seems incredibly busy and the days, weeks and months seem to be passing by quickly. Professionally, I am productive and get many ‘things’ done, but I do not always stop and breathe and think about the importance of the work that I am doing, the value that it has. I just get things done. When I think of my family and three children, the years seem to be passing by quickly and I fear that I am not savoring the time and opportunities that I have with them because life is so hectic. I need to savor the opportunities I have, both professionally and personally, because each are precious in their own right, even the moments that might not seem it at the time. I need to stop, breathe, connect and be grateful for what I have so I am creating memories and a legacy that I can be proud of. 

What is your ‘One Little Word’?

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  1. Love your image of Savor. What a wonderful and even delicious word. With our ever busy lives, it's so important to stop and reflect. Thanks for the shout out. Happy to meet someone new in my growing PLN.

  2. Savor goes so well with breathe! If breathe is the entree, then savor should be the main course.

  3. Thank you Margaret and Susan! I am so glad to part of the group! There are some amazing educators there and I am building a great support network. Onto the next week of creating!

  4. Stephanie,
    Your word is perfect for slowing down and noticing the many amazing moments in our lives. One of the pieces I always love about using Taxedo and Wordle is the applications really cause you to pause to think of all the other words that rest beside the word you have chosen. I am looking forward to our learning in the Digital Maker Playground.


  5. Hi Cathy,

    Have you ever tried this with your students? I have had students type a passage of a text that 'spoke' to them in some way so they could see how it is represented visually. It always generates further conversation and comprehension!


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