Leading By Learning

by Stephanie
This summer, I vowed to be intentional in how I spent my time so that when the new school year arrived, I would feel refreshed and renewed. Admittedly, the summer seemed to fly by, but I did carve out time for my own professional learning. I read every day, I wrote in my notebook (almost) daily, tried my hand at gardening, spent time with my kids and just tried to get better at being me. Some days, I killed it. And other days, well….you know. So, as I head into another school year, I know that I need to be incredibly intentional in how I spend my time and ensure that I focus on my own learning as an educator. It is this learning that fuels my work: it lifts my reading spirits, fuels my writing heart and reminds me that leading the learning of others requires that I remain a continual learner myself.

It is this core belief that drives my teaching, coaching and leading this year. I am even more committed to my own professional learning to fuel my work and lead by example. I have purposeful and tangible plans to focus on what matters most and push the boundaries of my coaching and leading.  And I’d like to invite other instructional coaches and teacher leaders to join me in a learning community to build collective responsibility for our own learning. Here’s how:

I have created a Facebook group dedicated to supporting the learning of instructional coaches and leaders, but this group runs a bit differently. Unlike your typical instructional coaching communities that offer coaches spaces to ask questions and share ideas, this group is solely focused on cultivating our own professional learning. Each week, I’ll share a snippet of what I have been working on in my own learning to deepen my coaching practice and invite you to do the same. We might work to create our coaching visions one week, deepen our understanding on coaching practice on another, evaluate the effectiveness of our work and simply live as readers and writers ourselves. Since community fosters accountability, it is my hope that this budding group of coaches and leaders will remind us to remain lifelong learners ourselves.

I do hope you’ll join me in this journey and invite other instructional coaches and leaders to do the same. Let’s connect together to lead by learning and sustain our coaching spirits!

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