Have you ever had a lightbulb moment? You know, the moment you have an epic realization and can literally envision the lightbulb brightening over your head? I have. And one in particular has had an important impact on my coaching life, as well as my personal one.
It was many years ago when my children were very little (my oldest was 2 years old and my twins were newborns). I was sleep deprived, overworked and probably suffering a bit from the postpartum blues. I distinctly remember searching the Internet for a crafty project to try with my two year old the next day to perk me up and found this amazing blog, Over the Big Moon. I spent far too long reading the archives and admiring the holiday tablescapes that were showcased throughout the posts, getting more and more depressed at how un-Pinterest-like my own holiday home looked.

But then the lightbulb moment happened. Pam revealed how she artfully manages to update her holiday tablescapes and mantles in no time: by framing printable scenes, images and quotes in picture frames. Sure, she made them all herself, but I was floored by the incredibly simple, yet highly effective, hack she just revealed to me. Print a quote or scene, frame and display it? Now that I could do, even in my sleep-deprived state.

With a few minutes of Internet-surfing, I found an Easter themed graphic, secured it in a spare picture frame, added a basket of plastic eggs and voila….new holiday mantle complete! And I was hooked. I bought a few artsy picture frames and displayed them throughout the house with quotes, graphics and printables that could easily be refreshed whenever the mood struck. And of course, I realized the role these could play in making my coaching life easier too. Here are a few ideas for putting your own picture frames to work:
  • Holiday Cheeriness: Follow my lead and brighten up your coaching space by framing holiday-themed quotes, scenes and printables. I bookmark them on my browser for easy access. 
  • Inspiring Quotes: Frame quotes bound to inspire, spark deeper thinking or bring a bit of joy to the day. Check out Brainy Quote, Happier Daily and the Natural Life Daily Chirp
  • Table Activities: Frame directions for opening moves for PD or small group activities during professional learning. 
  • Coaching Stations: This is my favorite. I love creating coaching stations for teachers to visit whenever the mood strikes. I might offer a fun craft, a make-and-take literacy station or an invitation to read or journal. Picture frames make the perfect invitation, like the one I created for a #OneLittleWord project.
    #OneLittleWord Project
  • Interactive Boards: Frame a single sheet of while (or colorful paper) and keep a supply of washable markers close by. Write daily notes to your teachers and encourage them to do the same. Want to get fancy? Fill the picture frame with glitter for a sparkly background instead. 
  • What I’m Reading Board: Use the same board you created above and record the title of the book you are currently reading. You might even create two more frames for the book you just finished and what’s on deck next!
Those are just a few ideas to how you might picture frames to work in your coaching and leading. How might you use picture frames in your own coaching spaces?

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