I’m getting in the holiday spirit around here! I’ve been creating gratitude listicles in my notebook, playing around with digital magnetic poetry from Betsy Potash to print and frame for Thanksgiving and browsing Etsy and small business shops to launch my online Christmas shopping. Oh, how I love this season, even if it feels like I should be going to bed at 6pm since it is so dark out. =)

I’ve browsed, favorited and added things to my cart that are lighting my coaching heart on fire and now, I’m sharing them with you. Here are my top gifts that I’ve either received, plan to give to others or have already bought for myself (shhhhh!):

A Cork Journal

Oh, how I love my new journal. It is made of cork, which I love, because...if it could have been in a wine bottle, but ended up in my notebook instead, it must be something special. The pages are lightly dotted, something I’m starting to love, and it comes with an elastic band to keep my pages safe as I toss it in my bag. 

Big Moods Stickers

I love stickers. Always have. In fact, I might even love them more as an adult! And these Big Mood stickers are perfect for any occasion. You’ll find my favorites to brighten teachers’ days at this link.

Natural Life Happy Notes

I love this company and I love these notes. They take my beloved Daily Chirp images and package them into small printed cards to dole out to anyone who needs a pick-me-up, including ourselves.

Yoda Best Instructional Coach

My oldest son and I recently watched the entire Star Wars series in quarantine. It was such fun to spend time together and now, I’m hooked on some of the characters, including Yoda. This mug is definitely on my personal wish list.

Instructional Coach Face Mask

While masks are not my favorite things, they are keeping us safer during the pandemic. So, I’ve decided to spice up my collection starting with this fun Friends-like mask for instructional coaches.

Water Bottle with Time Marker

I am prone to headaches, especially if I do not meet my daily water quota, but I need a daily reminder to actually drink: Enter the time-stamped water bottle. I’m certain this will help me drink more water so I can better show up for those around me.

Mini Office Supply Kit

Working from home can be a challenge, especially when my work location changes daily based on the spaces my children need for their own virtual learning. So, I’ve created a portable office that goes wherever I go, starting with this adorable office supply kit. Now, I’m never without essential supplies and I don’t have to tiptoe across the screen of a Google Meet to steal supplies from my children.

Where to Begin: A Small Book About Your Power to Create Big Change in Our Crazy World by Cleo Wade

I adore Cleo Wade’s books and use her thought-provoking, insightful quotes in my coaching often. I’ve been a fan of Heart Talk for a long time and I can’t wait until this book finds its way into my mailbox.

Cinema Light Box

I am a quote collector. I lift memorable lines from the pages of the books I read and letter them into my journal. And with this fun light box, I can showcase those quotes front and center in my coaching space for others to enjoy, too.

Ring Light for Video Conferencing

Oh, Zoom meetings. I’m forever fussing with my lighting, my camera angle and my background to look as presentable as possible. And since I’m often in my basement office with less-than-optimal lighting and no windows, it feels like a losing battle. So my gift to myself? A ring light to put my best face forward (but hopefully, not reflect on my blue-light glasses!)

There you have it! A round-up of some of my favorites to gift and to receive. What’s on your instructional coaching wish list this year?

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  1. So glad you tried out the poetry tiles! What a lot of fun items - I like the Yoda mug especially. :)


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