Some might consider them old fashioned, but business cards are still a thing. Really. But, gone are the days of the simple white, rectangular-shaped stock paper with black ink. Uh uh. Today, business cards are a work of art, a true representation of a person, business or brand. I love collecting them and have a stack of business cards in my desk drawer. They represent the people I meet, the places I go and the incredible projects others are bringing into the world. I think they’re inspiring. 

But now, I don’t always get a chance to meet colleagues in person. In fact, some of my most treasured edu-friends are those I’ve only met virtually! But that doesn’t mean the old-fashioned business card is obsolete. Not at all. It’s just shifted a bit digitally. And I think we all need one: a digital coaching card.
A digital coaching card represents who and what you are as an educator. It honors the journey that you have taken, the journey you are currently on and even your hopes for the future. It represents your story as an educator and shares that story with others to spark connection, collaboration and inspiration. That’s why I think having a digital coaching card is so important. It tells our story, articulates our coaching role, prompts us to think who we are as coaches and helps us connect and collaborate with others. You’ll find my current digital coaching card below:

So, how do you create one? While you can use any format you prefer, I have found particular success with Google Slides and Canva. You can start from scratch, use Slidesmania's beautiful templates or browse Canva's stock backgrounds. And, you really want to go big on Canva, you can use my affiliate link to access Canva Pro for free for 30 days and get all the bells and whistles.

Once you choose your platform, start imagining your layout. Select a theme or start from scratch with a blank slide. Then, choose a background color or image that suits your personality. Add text boxes to capture what matters most and be sure to include the following elements:
  • Your name and position
  • A brief biography
  • A photograph of yourself or your favorite bitmoji
  • Certifications, recognitions and achievements 
  • Social media contact information
  • Special interests and hopes for collaboration
  • A background and image to represent the work you do
  • Themes and colors to match your work and personality
Don’t be afraid to play with font types and colors, borders and images and embellish as desired. Personalize your digital card to your coaching just as a business card might personalize a brand. 

Then, it’s time to share! You can add it to your email signature, include it in your presentations, post it on your website and include it on your social media profiles. This way, new connections can easily see who you are and the work you do, just as they might if you handed them a card in person. Digital coaching cards foster connection, spark collaboration and most importantly, celebrate the profession. 

Have you created a digital coaching card? Share it in the comments below or tag me on social media using @AffinitoLit. Let’s start a beautiful collection of coaching cards together!

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