I am always looking for ways to introduce teachers to new books to read aloud to their students. I have given book talks, displayed titles, and even created book tastings for teachers. Teachers always appreciate the fresh, new ways in which we explore titles together, so I decided to try something new: a March Madness Book Bracket. 

Inspired by the March Book Madness global collaboration, I decided to create a smaller version for teachers to experience eight new titles for their classrooms in a single professional development session. It was a great success, with teachers happily reading books and thinking about how they could connect the idea to their own classrooms. 

And now, you can try it too! 

If your coaching in-person, this works perfectly at faculty meetings, grade level meetings or any other time you have a group of colleagues working together. And if your coaching virtually, this works, too! Just provide teachers with links to the books on the bracket and vote digitally. It's a win-win either way!

This week’s blog post is a partnership with Choice Literacy. They have gladly opened up their membership site so others can freely read this article and give it a try in their own coaching.

Head to the article here and let me know if you've ever tried book brackets to spice up the reading community in your school!

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