Summer if officially here! I have so enjoyed bringing you a new coaching tool, activity or idea every Monday for the entire 2020-2021 school year, a year like no other. But now, it’s time for a collective rest, a bit of downtime and a whole lot of reading, writing and connections with family and friends. So, I’ve decided to take the month of July off from blogging and podcasting on The Coaching Sketchnote Book to do just that.

Hopefully, you are planning to make time to do the same. Perhaps you are traveling or spending your days by the pool with your children. Maybe you’re checking off items on your summer bucket list. Maybe you’re finding more time to catch up on your reading life and are finally cracking open your notebook to start capturing memories. Or maybe you’re using this time to fuel your own professional learning, to reboot and recharge professionally for the year ahead.

Whatever you need, I hope your summer is exactly what it needs to be.

But, just because I'm not posting new posts throughout the month of July doesn’t mean we still can’t learn together. Here are three ways we can stay connected over the summer and boost our professional learning in the process:

Cultivate Your Coaching PLN!

Last week, I offered three steps to take to boost your coaching personal learning network (PLN) over the summer to support your coaching life in the coming year. I’ve even created a FREE 21-day Coaching PLN Challenge to personally coach you through each step of the way. All you have to do is sign up to receive a daily email for 21 days with one little thing to accomplish to build your coaching connections. What better way to spend the summer than connecting with other coaches who could inspire your work?

Make Picture Books Your Favorite Coaching Tools!

Harnessing the power of picture books in coaching and leading offers tremendous benefits for teacher learning and I've previously offered three ways for you to make the most of them: start a picture book display in your coaching space, read to teachers in professional learning sessions and bring picture books into your coaching cycles.

Spend the summer reading beautiful books for these very purposes and consider joining my Lead with Literature workshop! It’s a previously-recorded workshop celebrating the power of picture books as coaching tools and comes with an unboxing of celebrated titles to use right away. But not only that, you’ll get a printable page with a book summary, how and why you might use it in your coaching and discussion prompts for before and after reading for 25 picture books! Learn more here and download a free printable page, too!

Join the Designing Teacher Learning (aka I Love PD) Bootcamp!

Oh, how I love a good Bootcamp. =) This summer, I'm offering a 5-day professional learning experience for instructional coaches and leaders to re-imagine, refresh and reboot teacher learning. Each daily 2-hour session is offered live to truly experience the power of virtual learning and will be recorded for on-demand viewing when it works for you.

During the first hour, I'll offer ideas, inspiration and resources on each topic. Then, we'll break for cooperative work time and spend an hour working individually on the content from the session to put it into practice IMMEDIATELY. We'll share our goals, get to work and debrief at the end. No more creating a to-do list....we are going to cross those items off and head into the new year inspired and ready to go!

Here are the session topics:
  • Session 1: Designing Teacher Learning
  • Session 2: Creating a PD Toolkit
  • Session 3: Designing Content and Engagement
  • Session 4: Designing Entry Points for Teacher Learning
  • Session 5: Co-Working and PD Party Favors!
But that's not all! The Bootcamp is chock-full of instant tools, templates and downloadable materials to make planning PD a breeze. Take a look at what you'll get below!

There you have it! Three ways we can connect together to rest, reboot and recharge for the year ahead. I'll be back on August 2nd, ready to go with an entire blog series on launching professional learning communities for the coming year. You won't want to miss it!

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